Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July at Home


In true 2020 fashion, birthdays are being celebrated at home. That doesn’t exclude our nation’s birthday. For the independent souls who choose to embrace the pride they have for their nation, the Fourth of July is bound to be celebrated in a BIG way, even if it is at home.

Restrictions for social interactions and social distancing vary state-by-state. These restrictions involve the guidelines for the number of people that gather. As guidelines relax some, it is important to reign in your excitement, as many of us are craving a fun gathering with family and friends to the tune of loud music, dancing and a barbeque. Remember, the goal should be to celebrate safely.

Party Like No One is Watching.

No one likes to party alone, we get it. However, mandates may be limiting the number of guests in your area. This may directly affect hosting this Fourth of July. Although the party may not be what you had in mind, it may give you the chance to explore your creative side.

Big, holiday party blowouts typically involve a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of cleanup. This means hosting is more about focusing on the quantity of food and drink with the easiest cleanup. Although this year’s Fourth of July celebration isn’t ideal, it is an opportunity to focus on the quality of the experience.

Your selected guests will remember this Fourth of July because of the creativity you put into it. Fourth of July décor can be fun, and the resources are easy to put together. Bandanas are a fun option. They can be used as a reusable napkin or as a cute keepsake. Stick one in a mason jab with your utensils, and you have a cute place setting. You’ll need to be sure to have an appropriate amount of reds, whites and blues in your decor.

The Party Rules

This is your excuse. It is time to party under restrictions. It’s not ideal, but this year’s Fourth of July parties are bound to have rules set that you’ll have to abide by. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your day off with a good independent celebration. It is Independence Day after all!

Partying solo or in an isolated group may not be your cup of tea. You may be a free-spirited individual who enjoys a good time with a fun group of people, but there are rules set in place. Rules that have to be followed.

Yes, mandates and restrictions have eased in current weeks, but there are rules that still have to be followed.

Fourth of July can still involve fun in the sun. Slip and slide is an option for both children and adults. Go down the soapy path one for one or glide two at a time if your yard should suffice. This allows you to keep your distance and still have fun. A competitive game of slip and slide is one anyone can get behind. It is truly a nostalgic past time.

Embracing the Patriotic Birthday Suit

Party like it is your birthday or rather, your country’s birthday. Part of the fun of celebrating the Fourth of July is finding the right party attire. Just because the party is at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up for your small gathering or perhaps even an Insta photo recap.

Whether it is a bold choice in an outfit or brilliant blooms to compliment the patriotic photos aesthetic, Fourth of July fun can still be achieved when you are stuck at home. This year is about getting creative with the resources we have.

Sometimes, it is about the simple things. This year has had many people feeling congested and over the confinement of home. Being stuck at home on this free-spirited holiday isn’t ideal, but that doesn’t have to stop the celebrations altogether. It just changes things up. Remember, change can be good.

If going all out to gather a full-blown patriotic outfit isn’t ideal, there is always a more nostalgic approach. You may remember them- the family photos with the coordinating Old Navy American Flag t-shirts. Odds are you or someone you know have shared in this pastime. Maybe it is time to bring them back?

Go Out with a Bang.

COVID-19 restrictions have been especially disheartening for the people who practice Fourth of July traditions in a big way. For many, those traditions involve fireworks. Large gatherings are still a no-go in many areas. This has caused many Fourth of July fireworks shows to be canceled.

They may not make as much of a bang, but there are fun and festive ways to get into the Independence Day spirit. Sparklers are legal in most states, but it is important that you double-check what your state allows. Although they look harmless and beautiful, sparklers can get extremely hot, so kids should not handle them.

You may be a more mellow type. That’s just fine. Your idea of a successful Fourth of July can involve a backyard movie night, consisting of a picnic. Celebrate your independence with the people you love in a patriotic and relaxed way.

It is truly about the simple things in life. Fourth of July celebrations are all about celebrating the independence that so many fought for us to have. It is about acknowledging where we started and where we are now. Let our florists at My Bloomin' Flower Shop serving Keller, TX, help you make celebrating the Fourth of July at home more beautiful.

Share something red, white and blue with the ones closest to you this Independence Day. You may not all be together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate alongside each other. Every time they look at the patriotic flower arrangement sitting at their home barbeque, they will remember that you are there celebrating with them in patriotic spirit.

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