Tips on Affordable Wedding Planning

Weddings are meant to be special. However, there are times where planning it all becomes too much, and it turns more stressful than anything else. Our florists at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX, are here to help take away some of that stress with tips on affordable wedding planning.

The 1-800-Flowers® Pink And White Personal Package is a beautiful assortment of wedding flowers that will help make the big day even more special. This beautiful assortment of wedding flowers is a base to start your wedding design. Make wedding planning easier with the right flowers to kick off your wedding planning on a budget.

Make wedding planning cheaper by planning with someone close to you- a best friend, sister or even a soon-to-be in law. Hiring a wedding planner takes a huge junk out of your wedding budget. If you or someone you trust can do it, it will help expand your wedding budget, so you can use it towards something you both want. Wedding planning and wedding budgeting often coincide. The more you can do yourself, the more wedding planning becomes affordable.

Lists, lists and more lists... Listing out a hard-maximum budget, a budget for expected expenses and a buffer budget for unexpected costs will help make your wedding planning more affordable. It gives you an idea of where to start, a place to go and some leeway if something comes up- it usually does. Negotiate discounts when planning hotel wedding blocks. Strongly consider locations that allow offsite catering. That way you can find what is most reasonable, and it’ll be something you’ll enjoy.

Open your heart and not a hole in your wallet when planning for your wedding day. Your day is meant to celebrate a new life together not to put you both in debt. Our florists at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX, are here to help make your wedding planning easier by working with your budget. Finding the right flowers for a wedding is one tip for making affordable wedding planning a breeze.

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