How to Make Your Halloween Party EXTRA... Spooky.


Spooky is as spooky does. Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for many young people. It brings out a lot of creativity, a lot of laughs and a lot of spooks along the way. For those ready to invite those ghouls and goblins into your home on Halloween, we are here to help with tips on how to make your Halloween party extra spooky.

Witches, spiders and ghosts... oh my! What one would see as spooky may not make another person budge. For those looking to throw a fun, “spooky” Halloween party, these tips will help make your party as not-so-scary or creepy as your Halloween-loving heart desires.

A Goblin’s Lunch

Goblins will eat just about anything. They’ll eat the raw foods of nature like insects, but they also enjoy the delicacy of duck. They eat and eat until they can’t eat anything else. They harvest what they can and dine like they have never dined before.

Your Halloween party guests are prepared for a goblin’s lunch. Your Halloween party best have food and LOTS of it. When facing off the grueling task of preparing dishes for your Halloween party, consider the most repulsive critters and use them as inspiration for décor and eats.

Creepy and crawly is what is on the menu. Deviled spider eggs, anyone? These disgustingly delightful delicacies are easy to make. DIY spiders made from cut-up olives lay atop a deviled egg. It is easy to create and is just repulsing enough to make your guests cringe as they eat.

What is Halloween dinner without a sweet treat to follow? Ghost kabobs are perfect for a not-so-spooky theme. Pair sweet fruits with marshmallows on a stick. Use edible food dye to create little ghost faces for the friendly Halloween guests. This dish shot through the heart of Halloween food décor while hitting the spot for your hungry guests.

Holy guacamole- before the hors d ’oeuvres are swallowed up, your guests may appreciate some guac to hold off the hunger pains. It may cost you... extra. Guac is always extra after all. Nothing should go to waste. Take some time to carve out the seed and a skull out of the outer shell of the avocado. Place the skull-pture in the center of the serving dish, and just like that, it all disappears. Spooky, right?

A Witch's Brew

You’ll need a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Potions and concoctions are mixed to create a witch's brew... or two. There are so many Halloween inspired drinks for both children and adults. A punch here and a drink with an added punch there, and you’ll have conversations brewing everywhere.

For the kiddos, red Kool-Aid in a clear cup is plenty intriguing for a Halloween party. Give it a name like vampire juice, and the kids’ drinks are covered. Milk in a white Styrofoam cup that is decorated like a ghost can be an easy and fun option for the little ones. If you want to give the kiddos something to do, give them a black washable marker, so they can decorate their cup themselves. Encourage them to incorporate their names into their designs because we all know how easy it is for them to lose their drink, and we are taught to never leave a drink unattended, especially with woodland critters wandering about.

For the adults looking to concoct a witch’s brew for the evening, consider adding black vodka to the adult “punch” for your Halloween party. Add in some edible glitter for a dark, spooky feel. While vodka is on the brain, shimmery vodka can open the door to a scary, spooky situation.

The Pomegranate Poison Spritz is a sweet and satisfying treat that can easily be made spooky with spider-filled ice cubes. Spider-filled ice cubes take a little time and effort to create, but they can add a little spook to a Halloween party punch.

A red sangria is also a crowd-pleaser. It offers a dark look that is perfect for a spooky party glass. Whether it is an adult or child Halloween beverage for your next Halloween party, incorporating spooky characters, icons and names can make a Halloween party extra fun and spooky.

A Shadowy Scene

Some love Halloween for the candy. Some love Halloween for the costumes. Others... They love the party, the fun of it all. Create a shadowy scene at your next Halloween party. A spooky Halloween party is created from the basis of all things creepy and crawly. Insects are easy go-to décor for a spooky Halloween party.

Odds are, you have already carved creepy pumpkins. They are easy Halloween party décor. Line them across the driveway or throughout the house. Pumpkins are also great for flower arrangements. Our florists at My Bloomin' Flower Shop in Keller, TX, offer a wide variety of flower arrangements that could easily be used as Halloween party décor.

Try to use dark flowers in your table arrangements to create a creepy but festive site. Dark red roses and black carnations create a spooky site that will frame all your food perfectly. Without a good presentation, the food may just be for the ghosts.

Spider webs are easy and creepy placemats for your table setup. Old mix and match china, plastic wine glasses and other unique pieces can be molded and manipulated into something as spooky or fun as your party deems. Halloween is all about creativity and having fun. The décor you choose to incorporate can truly make a shadowy scene or a stage for creative and spooky thinking.

A Party to Die For

It’s a mummy’s scene and a vampire’s dream. The goal is to throw a Halloween party that is extra spooky. It is one thing to learn how to throw a Halloween party. It is another to throw a Halloween party that is to die for (figuratively, of course).

Consider your guests, your resources and your own Halloween party preferences. Go all out because Halloween is not the time to hold back. You go big. You go creepy, and you go where your creativity takes you. Halloween parties are debatably the most fun to plan.

If you have been looking for how to throw a Halloween party that is extra spooky, consider what you enjoy, what freaks you out and what is going to make you and your guests have the most fun. Throwing a Halloween party is your opportunity to get creative and get outside of your comfort zone.

Base your Halloween party off your guests. If you are having primarily children over, make it not-so-spooky but fun. Have a designated group go trick or treating with the kids, a select few handing out candy at the door and the rest preparing the party. Divide and conquer, so when it is all done, everyone will have worked up an appetite and a desire to party the spooks away.

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