Flowers to Plant in the Fall

Fall is a magical season that might not immediately conjure visions of a garden. However, there are plenty of beautiful flowers and plants that thrive and look nice in the months of pumpkin and cinnamon spice.

As the door begins to close on the warm summer season, a new door opens, and fall announces its arrival. All seasons are magical and bring something that’s needed by lifeforms everywhere, but fall is one of the most magical seasons.

Fall boasts golden hues as the tree’s leaves change color and flutter to the ground with the whims of the crisp, cool air. Chirping birds and squealing animals store up their food in preparation for winter, and the rest of us enjoy the change in weather and mood.

The summer flowers begin to thin out as autumn approaches, but this doesn't mean your flowerbed has to be laid bare or parched. There are a plethora of beautiful and vibrant flowers that can withstand those chilly nights ahead.

We will look at some of the most sought-after fall flowers to plant this season to give your garden that beautiful and calming aura of autumn.


Flowers to Plant in the Fall Garden


Croton is a perennial plant with a lot of color variations. Its colorful foliage, in vibrant shades of yellow, red, orange, and purple, makes it stand out in your garden. Its succulent leaves retain an abundance of water.

In many ways, the croton is low maintenance as it doesn't require a lot of pruning, trimming, or watering like other plants. The convenience doesn't stop there. The croton possesses a lot of diversity. Whether it’s in your outdoor flower bed or your indoor garden, this container plant will not only thrive but will steal the show.


Fall is all about vibrant colors. The colors are woven into the very tapestry that holds the season together. The celosia plant is a must-have in your bed of fall plants and flowers because it captures the mood of the fall.

Celosia, also known as cockscomb, is a flower with a flame-like design and several color variations. This flowering plant is durable, low maintenance, easy to care for and above all, stunning. Its vertical structure will give your garden the pizzazz it needs.

The color variations of this flower make it ideal for autumn. Celosia comes in bright yellow, scarlet red, deep burgundy, warm orange, pink and purple.


The aster is a beautiful flowering plant that can be grown both annually and perennially. This flower’s vibrant purple hue gives a much-needed contrast to your fall garden flowers. Aster is a cute little flowering plant the kids will enjoy playing with as the flowers are almost daisy-like in structure.

This plant also has color variations for its flowers. From purple and pink to white and blue, this plant will beautify your garden. Its vibrant colors make it irresistible to butterflies, and all great gardens need butterflies. Although the aster flower loves a lot of sunlight and water, it will be blooming until winter comes.


Fall aggravates many allergies as the pollen in the air can trigger one's sinuses and other allergic reactions. It helps to have a plant with hypoallergenic traits, and thankfully, helenium is one of those plants.

Helenium, also called Sneezeweed, is a native plant that is one of the best outside flowers to plant in fall. Natives used this flowering plant as a snuff ingredient. Your allergies won't be triggered by helenium.

The vibrant hues of this plant make them highly sought after by butterflies. They come in multiple shades of gold, orange, red and brown and sometimes in a combination of two or more colors. This easy-to-care-for plant loves the sun.


Pansies are excellent fall garden flowers because they have a variety of colors that are in sync with the fall theme. They are known to come in typically every shade of the rainbow, and they bloom heavily. This flowering plant is versatile as it can be grown in beds, baskets or other containers, and they're ideal ground covers.

Pansies add character to the garden. As a bonus for planting the pansy in the fall, they can come back to bloom in the springtime again. This means you can have these beautiful flowers with their vibrant petals in your garden twice a year.

Ornamental Peppers

When you hear 'pepper,' you probably picture a spicy vegetable added to multiple cuisines for its hot and savory flavor. However, ornamental peppers are meant to be looked at and not eaten as food.

This plant is fall season-appropriate as it offers colorful yet fruits in festive shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. These fruits that bloom come in diverse shapes and sizes too. It’s possible to have more than one type of ornamental flowers growing in your fall garden.

From the robust structure of the black pearl down to the dark look of chilly chili, ornamental peppers add flair to your fall garden.

Choosing the Best Flowers to Plant in the Fall

With the falling, golden-brown leaves and the blooming flowers all around, fall is a picturesque season. As this new fall season approaches, preparations to revamp your garden or flower bed should be in order.

The change in seasons doesn't mean you have to have a sad, barren garden. With this list of the most beautiful, butterfly-enticing, and seasonal-colored flowers, you can make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. The only decision left for you is to select your flower of choice and plant the one that fits all your needs.

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