Celebrating Fall Birthdays


Unpack your sweaters and order your pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is here, and we are loving it! Sit back and enjoy as the leaves change colors and the weather becomes cooler. Our florists at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX are here to help you celebrate those fall babies’ birthdays.

Our Fields of Europe for Fall is a delightful fall flower assortment. The diverse colors, warm tones and beautiful layers create a warm fall feel. Enjoy everything that makes fall feel special with something that reflects its beauty. Celebrate the people that call September their birth month and call fall their season with this beautiful arrangement.

You’re the apple of my eye! Bob for apples at a fall themed birthday. Have a potluck and enjoy a good time. Create an upbeat playlist and dance the party away. Regardless of age, a fall themed birthday party is sure to be a hit especially when dancing and sweet treats are involved.

Enjoy a night on the town for your fall birthday. Go to dinner in your favorite sweater dress or submerge in deep conversation at a fall coffee catchup. Gift cards to a popular coffee shop are a great fall birthday gift idea. It will make the birthday recipient feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Soak up the joy of a fall breeze and enjoy sweater weather season. Line up at your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a hot pumpkin spice latte paired with a pumpkin muffin. Fall is the season for all things warm and fuzzy in the refreshing, cool air. Our florists at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX want to help you absorb as much fall as you can. Call us to see how we can make your fall birthdays feel more special.

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