All Wrapped Up Birthday Gifts


Birthdays are the one day a year that is completely all about us. We get to be a little selfish on our birthdays and get things we wouldn't otherwise get on a normal day. We get to have a big cake, presents, and a birthday party where all our friends and family members are to celebrate us! What could be better than that? Well, while all of this sounds great, planning it isn't always the easiest of tasks, which is why those of us at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX put together this birthday party planning guide to make things a little bit easier for those of you planning a birthday party this August!

To start off your birthday party planning, you'll need to pick a theme and/or color scheme. Once you've selected your theme, it's time to start decorating! The All Wrapped Up can fit a number of themes and will make for a beautiful and fun centerpiece! Get creative with your theme, this flower arrangement would work wonderfully with a red circus theme, a fiesta, a Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme, or even an ice cream party! The ideas are infinite, you've just got to pick the one that best fit you!

The invitation is probably one of the most important things to get done when planning a birthday party. The invitation lets everyone know where to go, at what time, and what to wear. The invitation must clearly let friends and family understand what the theme is or if the theme is a surprise, make sure to include a dress code on the invitation, otherwise you might have everyone showing up in color to your black-tie event or without a bathing suit to your Luau pool party. Additionally, putting a way for guests to RSVP is important for you to know how many people plan on coming to ensure there is enough seating, food, and party favors.

Every party needs some type of entertainment or games. When planning a birthday party consider the type of party, the theme, and try to align the entertainment aspect with that. For a mermaid birthday party, make it a pool party with fun pool games like sharks and minnows or a ring toss or hire a Batman impersonator for a superhero themed party. The entertainment can be as simple as creating a dance floor and creating a playlist on your phone or as big as renting water slides and bounce houses, it's up to you!

Birthday parties are filled with fun and joy for everyone involved in the celebration, though, planning a birthday party isn't always as fun as the party itself. There's so many factors to consider when party planning but making sure you keep your focus on the theme will make planning significantly easier. A party starts with the idea of a theme and that theme should be spread all throughout the party. We, at My Bloomin Flower Shop in Keller, TX hope our advice and suggestions helped and are always ready to help in any way possible with all your party planning needs.

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